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Kinesiology Balance Your Life and Step into Your Potential

Kinesiology for Physical, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

  • Are you looking for a gentle yet effective way to bring positive changes to your life and feel better about yourself?
  • Do you feel that your physical ailments may be connected to your mental wellbeing, and would like a more wholistic solution?
  • Would you like to be able to have a sense of calm and clarity about your options and goals so you can let go of limitations and move forward with ease and confidence.


White Owl Well-being KinesiologyKinesiology is a wonderfully effective yet gentle tool to bring our body, mind and spirit into balance. It is restorative and regenerative and can help with a variety of physical ailments. It is also truly nurturing and remarkably effective in reducing stress and enabling us to respond more easily to the demands and challenges we face in our busy lives.

Kinesiology can help us step off that merry-go-round that we sometimes find ourselves on and help us to change our thoughts and actions so we feel happier and more motivated to achieve our potential.

With Kinesiology, you feel like you’ve had a break-through in your life – the physical, emotional, and mental challenges you’ve had for so long are lifted, so you can better enjoy your life doing the things you love; and help you let go of the things that don’t serve you well.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Reduce and Prevent Fatigue:  Improve your energy and vitality so you can have the get-up and go you need to participate in life and the activities you enjoy.
  • Diet and Digestion: Help relieve the discomfort you may experience in any of the stages of digestion from diet to elimination so you can feel comfortable.
  •  Immune System Function: Balance your immune system for optimal function to better support your health and wellness. 
  • Sport and Exercise Performance: Enhance your focus and achieve your goals in personal or competitive situations.
  • Stress Management: Reduce your stress-level so you are better able to focus on your priorities and have better quality time with your kids, partner or family.
  • Improved Emotional Wellbeing: Regain control of your emotions so you can respond to situations effectively, improving your relationships and outcomes.
  • Pain Reduction and Management: Reduce the pain you feel so you can do the things you enjoy again.

We help people of all ages - children, teenagers and adults.

Come experience the difference in a more wholistic approach for your wellbeing. Our one hour session is only $110 and can change your life, so you can begin to live your life more fully again.

Amy is available for appointments on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; and
Lee is available for appointments on Fridays. 

To make a time to see us, you may contact us directly on :
Amy 0412 114 519  Lee 0428 946 140

Private health rebates may be payable.


During a deeply transitional phase in my life, I attended Amy's kinesiology sessions - five sessions all up - and experienced such support and transformation within myself, I had to write to express my deepest respect and appreciation for Amy's practice. Amy's intuition, compassion, empathy and skill in recognising and balancing blocked energy gave me renewed vitality which allowed me to to move on. Amy provided a strong framework to work through my health issues giving me the clarity and wellness needed to make clear decisions during this challenging period. Amy's commitment and dedication to healing and wellness shines through during every encounter.
Thank you Amy.
Adrienne, Upwey

Kinesiology has changed my life and still does. Amy is a skilled practitioner who has facilitated clearing the origin of my physical ailments bringing me back into a state of balance and health. She has also helped me identify my own skills and strengths to make choices on how I to respond to life challenges. I am now enjoying a deeper level of health and happiness in a very active life.
Thank you Amy.
Karen, Upwey

Kinesiology with Amy is a gentle and nurturing healing experience which has enabled me to gain insight into problems that have arisen during the course of my life. This has given me a feeling of wellbeing and self confidence. For chronic physical complaints, I found it most effective.
Eileen, Upper Ferntree Gully