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Amy Kinkel
Bekki Courtney
Lee Fitzgerald


Amy Kinkel - White Owl Well Being KinesiologyAmy Kinkel:

Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP)
Registered Professional Member - Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)

White Owl Well-Being is the realisation of Amy's dream to help individuals gain access to a happy and healthy lifestyle.



Kinesiology was life changing for me. I found it improved and transformed my confidence, health, relationships as well as my capacity to adapt to life’s challenges.

I always had a fascination or awareness of our innate ability to heal or self heal.  This interest led me to meditation, energy healing, Reiki and studies in Psychology and Kinesiology. These experiences confirmed for me that there is so much more to us than what we can ever be fully conscious. They are all valuable paths for healing and awareness.  Nevertheless, it is the deep awareness we can gain through Kinesiology that always brings me to that place of wonder and joy to be able to help others on their journey, gain the insight needed to clear the stressors and blockages they carry to move forward and achieve their potential. It’s great to see clients achieve clarity and leave feeling lighter, more at ease and positive following a balance.


Bekki Courtney - ReikiBekki Courtney:

“To make an appointment or for further information about Reiki, please contact Bekki directly on 0438 544 583.


Lee Fitzgerald - Kinesiologist, Remedial Massage TherapistLee Fitzgerald
Kinesiologist, Remedial Massage Therapist

Lee is a practising Kinesiologist and Remedial Massage Therapist. Lee is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and has been working in the industry for around 4 years.
The increase of challenging ‘symptoms’ showing up with clients, led Lee to explore other causes of muscular tension or pain.  It became apparent that Kinesiology was the way to unlock stress in the body alongside the physical tension, which released through massage.

Lee found Kinesiology during her own personal experience in self- discovery.  It not only expanded her understanding of the body as a whole, but her focus became about sharing this amazing insight to enable others to grow and transform their own personal struggles, fears and/or blockages.

With a background in Reiki and Spiritual Healing Lee works quite intuitively for the best outcome of her clients and is naturally in tune with what they need in their current life stage.

Lee has a passion for women’s health and finds it incredibly rewarding to work with those who are looking at planning, starting or adding to their family.

Combined with a mix of Relaxation techniques and extra training in Pre and Postnatal massage her style of Remedial Massage is broad but encompassing.

“I look forward to working with you in achieving your optimal health and vitality – mind, body and spirit.” 

Please contact Lee for any queries you may have regarding Kinesiology, Remedial Massage or Reiki.  She will be happy to answer any questions or merely discuss treatment options.

Call Lee on: 0428 936 140 to make an appointment or for more information. Email:    Leeamyfitz@gmail.com