White Owl Well-Being

Amanda Freeman

Angel Card Readings


Using Reiki energy and my intuitive abilities I can help you to
feel relaxed and revitalised and assist you to move past any challenges
that are preventing you from being truly happy.


Reiki and Angel Card Readings

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive, Medium and Intuitive Healer, Amanda specialises in assisting people to manage and overcome:

  • Depression, stress and anxiety
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ and unsure of how to move forward in career, family or relationships.
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Chronic pain and illness
  • Behavioural issues

Amanda also works

  • With women during pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth.
  • With workplaces to establish workplace well-being programs and staff sessions.

Reiki and Angel Card Readings sessions with Amanda are beneficial for both adults and children for physical and emotional issues. Reiki can also assist with overall rejuvenation, relaxation, renewal and clarity.
Amanda also runs regular Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 workshops throughout the year for those wishing to learn Reiki.

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful hands-on healing therapy.
The overall effect of Reiki is to bring the body into balance, revitalise the mind, body and spirit, and allow the body to heal itself. It is renowned for reducing pain and promoting healing and well-being. It is also wonderfully relaxing. Healings may be sent via distance for Reiki for those who are unable to come into the clinic.

Angel Card Readings
Angel Card Readings and Cord Cutting.
Angel Card Readings are a gentle and positive way to gain guidance from your higher self and your Angels. They are a wonderful option for people wishing to gain personal clarity and insight without the 'hands-on healing' element.
Cord cutting is a gentle non-physical way of clearing negative attachments and allowing your energy to be focused in more positive way. We are constantly connecting with those around us energetically, and sometimes, particularly with negative interactions with others and in negative situations we can connect in a way that is not beneficial for our health.

  • Reiki and Angel Card Readings can be combined in a session or taken as individual treatments. Each session is catered to your individual requirements.
  • Angel Card Reading sessions can be undertaken via email, skype, telephone or in person. Please contact Amanda for further information about these options

Absent Healing

For those who are unable to come into the clinic for a Reiki session, an absent (or distance) healing can be given. This can be helpful for people who live far away, are unable to travel or for children who are unable to remain still for the duration of a Reiki.


I recently had a session with Amanda to help prepare for the birth of my fourth child. During what was an exceptionally sensitive time of vulnerability for me, I found her ease in developing an instant rapport very comforting. During the session, her ability to identify energy blocks within me was deeply moving. She then skillfully assisted me to navigate energy and issues that I couldn't articulate verbally. The session left me with a clarity of perspective and practical ideas to support the next steps of my journey. As a mother and birth worker, I would whole heartedly recommend her to any woman preparing for conscious birth.

Eve, Eltham

In my absent healing session with Amanda I was astounded by how much of what I had been feeling over the previous few weeks was felt by her, then written down, after our telephone conversation ended. I have many pages of wonderful, supportive insight from this session which is helping me deal with some past hurts and present family issues. Later on, when I saw Amanda in person for a Reiki session, I was again impressed by her insight and love. She very quickly honed in on two areas of pain and gave me instant relief with her healing hands. Also she spoke a lot about how I can assist my healing and she gave me confidence to do this. She made me feel strong and able to face my health problems. I hardly spoke at all but she talked a lot with wisdom and care, she is a true healer with an amazing strength and intuitive knowledge.

Judy, NSW

I knew nothing about Reiki before my first session. It was recommended to me by my wife. After I have had a Reiki session I feel like I have taken a deep breath, relaxed and recharged my batteries. It seems to add balance and perspective to my week.
I initially tried Reiki as an aid for my physical injuries sustained in a dirt bike accident. Reiki definitely helped but I have found the mental rejuvenation I feel after every session the reason I continue to return.
I without a doubt have done and will continue to recommend Reiki sessions with Amanda. She is very aware of people’s individual state of mind.

Mick, Upwey

Without knowing anything about Reiki I took up Amanda's offer to provide Reiki sessions for my staff for a much needed morale boost. None of the staff knew much about Reiki either and the response from these sessions was fantastic. It really gave them a lot of 'food for thought ' in both their personal and work life, not to mention a chance to relax and unwind. I would highly recommend other employers provide the opportunity for their staff to experience Reiki sessions. Amanda is incredibly professional and personally I gained so much out of my own session.

Rebecca, Narre Warren

I had no idea what to expect from my session and wow it was amazing! Not only was I completely relaxed during and after, but it also helped remove an emotional block I have had for 22 years. This has helped my self esteem blossom and my obsession over food diminish to being non existent, therefore helping me in every part of my life. I have had more sessions since as I love the way it makes me feel. I thank Amanda for making my life so much better. I would highly recommend Amanda who is extremely caring and friendly.

Christine, Upwey

My decision to seek Reiki healing involved a phone call with Amanda, where I was satisfied with her detailed responses and subsequently made an appointment for a treatment. I was in great turmoil at the time and felt immediate relief during the session. This was followed up with a number of weekly sessions and I am very grateful to Amanda for the healing help I received on many levels and with such warmth and compassion.

Linda, Macclesfield

I received a Reiki from Amanda just before I gave birth to my second baby.
I felt Amanda's treatment had a calming and grounding effect on me. I felt instantly relaxed as the Reiki began and I felt myself falling into a deep state of semi consciousness. Vibrant colours and images came to me whilst in this state which I believe helped prepare me for birth.
Amanda was able to identify worries and anxieties from my previous birth and also the birth I was about to experience, which I was able to let go of during the session. She helped me to connect with what I needed to do for myself to continue this sense of inner peace and strength.
I felt nurtured, loved and completely safe which I believe are very important ingredients for a pregnant woman about to embark on the journey of birth. I birthed our baby in less than 3 hours at home in water with no complications, and I have no doubt Amanda's Reiki helped.

Tiffany (mother of Raj & Arlo), Pascoe Vale

The absent healing received through Amanda was an experience I will treasure. It brought great reassurance and comfort during a very difficult time in my life. Amanda's ability to use Reiki is a true gift.

Kate, Rowville

I had always wanted to try Reiki. The main thing that amazed me was the work on my chakras. I could clearly feel movement, swirling, and warmth, like an inner cleansing feeling! Amanda is so clever at her work as these shifts of energy were instantaneous. Personal exact information about my deceased father that Amanda mentioned as she felt and saw him present, was such a special moment. It was an odd thing that was on my mind since his passing that was a clear message from my dad. I will be forever grateful to Amanda for her recognition that my dad is with me as I always feel. The wonderful experience has given me the insight that Reiki can benefit everyone for their own personal needs and I can highly recommend Amanda. My session with Amanda was a life changing experience.

Dani, Upwey.

For all appointments and enquiries about workshops and session costs for Reiki, please contact Amanda directly on 0438 668 688